Friday, July 18, 2008

A Beggar No More

We've all seen them, we've all been whispered by them, beggars asking for silver or gold. I've seen many solutions to the beggar problem, anything from telling them where to go, telling them you aren't a bank or opening a trade and then leaving to make a sandwich...but this solution, is the best I've ever heard.

Big Red Kitty has got the right idea, on dealing with beggars. This is a brilliant idea. While carrying out this request, the young adventurer would stumble across quest hubs, several new zones, and collect a fair amount of random drops and pocket change.

This has got me thinking, are there similar type things one could collect in the other sub level 20 zones? No more will I send beggars away without a spark of hope. If they can work for it, the gold can be theirs. Not to mention the fact that a small pile of gold like that would easily cover the cost of a shiny new mount at level 30.

Brilliantly done BRK!


Dezdemone said...

I question whether BRK's idea was intended to be 100% benevolent. On my server I could easily get 50S (actually usually closer to a gold) per light feather, so... I'd make at least 49.5 gold by selling the light feathers.

I guess you could always just think of that other 9.5 gold as a broker's fee?

Samownall said...

Haha nice. Make them work for the gold - thats what I say.
samownall - World of Warcraft Blogger

Bremere said...

That's hilarious, I just started reading today, so I have some catching up to do. I am also alliance on Dark Iron, and I have an alt in the disciples of divx guild, which I thought was a funny coincidence, even though probably half the server has someone in a PA guild right?


Healing Anon

Anonymous said...

Ha ha I am going to have to try this, I hate beggars! - World of Warcraft Cheats